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Basketball Practice
8th grade ladies participated in a debate style Socratic Seminar in which they discussed the equality of the criminal justice system, by listening to and analyzing Serial Season 3 and the cases that were presented from the Cleveland, Ohio court system. The purpose was to connect the current issues of the criminal justice system and police violence to the history of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution to see comparison in how different identity groups were treated then to how they are treated now.
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Mercedes Segovia and Jazlyn Gomez hold court during a debate style socratic seminar.
7TH GRADE STUDENTS USE MATH CONCEPTS TO CREATE ART. 7th grade students have created works of art using Balance and Symmetry to create Mask like images and Notan. NOTAN A Japanese design concept involving the play and placement of light and dark elements as they are placed next to the other in the composition of art and imagery. Notan literally means "light dark harmony". Artists use "notan studies" to explore different arrangements of light and dark elements without having the distraction of other elements like color, texture and finer details. SYMMETRY Symmetry is a mathematical operation, or transformation, that results in the same figure as the original figure (or its mirror image). It is everywhere, in the sciences, in the arts, in architecture, in nature, and in our everyday life. The term symmetry is used both in the arts and in the sciences. In art, symmetry is often used as an aesthetic element. It is often used, to mean a kind of balance in which the corresponding parts are not necessarily alike but only similar. Generally is a balance between various parts of an object. BALANCE Balance refers to the overall distribution of visual weight in a composition. A well-balanced composition feels comfortable to look at. Balance is one of the principles of art and design. The principles deal with how the elements of art are arranged in a work of art. In essence, the principles of art deal heavily with composition. Visual weight balances around an artwork’s axis. The axis may be vertical, in which visual elements balance on both sides of the axis. Artworks may also balance around a horizontal axis, in which visual elements balance from top to bottom. There are three types of balance: symmetric, asymmetric and radial.
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Notan By Gabriel Meja
Notan by Adrian Mendez
Mask by Rey Aleman
Balance by Angelina Gomez
Red Ribbon Week Poster contest Winners! Congratulations to 7th Grade students: Leonardo Garcia, Angelina Gomez, and Emma Hildalgo for creating such stunning posters to advertise Red Ribbon Week!
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Red Ribbon Week Poster Winners!
Red Ribbon Week Winners with Prizes.
RMS Basketball Weekly Practice Schedule October 21-25, 2019
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Practice Schedule 10/21-25/19
Please make sure students have up-to-date immunizations for the 2019-2020 school year! All students must be compliant no later than Friday, October 25th. Updated requirements can be found in the document section.
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School supply lists have been added for Ripley House Elementary! Check under the school's page or document section.
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